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Where can I see more examples of your work?

We are working on making more of our design portfolio available on this site. In the meantime, please check out our design portfolio page and contact us for more samples.

Do I have to submit all the content right after I order or can I submit it later in the project?

We start each design project by developing a creative brief with you, and we prefer that you submit your design inputs to us at that time.We are flexible, and understand that you may have constraints, and in those situations we will work together to figure out how to proceed. 


Can you take/move content from my old site?

Yes! We can certainly use your existing site as a reference, and/or reuse elements such as logos, images, colors, copy and sometimes, code. We can copy these elements from your site, but we cannot remove them from your site.

How do I submit content for my new website?

At project kickoff, we will determine the best way to share files. Often, we will create a secure team collaboration space for sharing files. Other times, dropbox, or even email is the right way to go.


Do you develop website content, such as imagery and copy?

We can reuse content that you supply us, develop it in house according to guidelines, or contract / procure it from 3rd parties where that makes most sense. This goes for video, photography and other imagery, audio, and copy.



Can I see my website while it is being built?

Yes, we will share the design with you in stages, so you can see progress and react to fully-formed ideas. But we also like to give our designers enough space to work productively, without the worry of how their work-in-progress presents.




How long will it take to design my Website?

Our Startup offering is geared for maximum creative expression within a fixed timeframe, normally 30 days to approval and launch. Our Small Business and Enterprise projects often involve a tailored approach to research and/or testing. As a result, these projects are not uniform in nature, and can take longer, usually 2-3 months.


Will I be able to update my site when it is done?

Of course, it’s your site! We do offer managed hosting for sites we develop, and we are happy to work together to tweak, change or test sites post-launch. Alternatively, you can host the site and fiddle to your heart’s content!